Relax. We can help you. We speak your language because we are, first and foremost, writers and editors. And with more than eleven years’ experience in the real world of editorial content publishing with our flagship product, ALIVE Magazine, we know what it takes to design, create, publish and market winning editorial products.

Unlike so-called “self publishing” companies found online, where you send your manuscript off to “the Cloud,” with ALIVE you work face-to-face with your publisher. You’ll meet and work with the professionals—editors, designers, public relations and marketing specialists—to make your book a reality, and… the best it can be.

As an author, you’ll benefit not only from our experience in book publishing, but from our vast knowledge gained in the fast moving world of magazine publishing, where in order to thrive you must produce a fresh, new and exciting editorial product every month. You’ll benefit from our unique, practical publishing methodology, whereby editorial products must be more than just good—they must sell.

And we’ll apply that level of savvy experience into publishing and marketing your book.

As part of ALIVE Media Works, we are uniquely equipped to market and advertise your book like no other publishing company. ALIVE is the only publisher with multi-media marketing and advertising tools, and the expertise that it takes to put real power into your book launch. And, if you don’t need or want extensive marketing services right away, or if you just want simple, basic publishing, we can provide that too.

A major difference between ALIVE and many other publishers is that we consider our relationship with our authors to be a partnership. When we believe a book has the potential for commercial success, we invest our time and financial resources into the project too, with the hope and an agreement to share in the profit from the project. In these cases, there is no “set cost” for an author to have a book published, as our mutual investment in time and resources is determined on a case-by-case basis.

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